Ring My PiPhone: A RPi-based Smartphone

Dave Hunt is at it again. This time, he’s back with a phone based on the Raspberry Pi, the credit card sized mini-computer. The “PiPhone”, as he calls it, can be built for about $158, cheaper than most devices in the markets today.

It was designed as a sort of proof of concept, so the source code used for the project isn’t available. Yet.
David designed the phone using parts he sourced from Adafruit and eBay.

Here is another view of the PiPhone.
Though it’s made completely from off-the-shelf parts, the project is geeky on it’s own. Here’s the link to the original project page.

Now onto you
What do you think of the PiPhone? Would you be interested in one? Or are you alreay planning to build one? Let us know in the comments.

Courtesy: Raspberry Pi Blog


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